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How Karma Works
How Karma Works: The Twelve Links of Dependent-Arising
How Karma Works: The Twelve Links of Dependent-Arising
We all want to find happiness and be free from suffering. Happiness comes from positive mental states and actions, and suffering from the opposite. The twelve-part process of dependent arising shows how actions underlain by ignorance propel us from one rebirth into another, keeping us trapped in suffering, and how through understanding reality correctly we can break this cycle. The four noble truths, the twelve links of dependent arising, and the two truths regarding conventional and ultimate reality, all interrelated, form the very core of the Buddha's teaching. The many different practices of sutra and tantra become meaningful and purposeful only when they are based on a good understanding of these fundamental and seminal principles. This oral teaching by Geshe Sonam Rinchen is based on the Rice Seedling Sutra and the twenty-sixth chapter of Nagarjuna's Treatise on the Middle Way.

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How To Read Tarot Cards Like A Pro: A Power-Packed Little Guide To Easily Read Tarot Cards
How To Read Tarot Cards Like A Pro: A Power-Packed Little Guide To Easily Read Tarot Cards
Do you want to know what's going on in your life, or would you rather it remain a secret? Katie’s curiosity was the primary reason she wanted to learn how to read Tarot cards, so she purchased Eden Grey's "Complete Guide to the Tarot" and the Hoi Polloi deck and began practicing on herself. That was back in 1975 when she bought her first deck and book. Truthfully, she was having a super hard time because of the long explanations and meanings for each card. What further confused her were the reversed meanings. She still pushed on and kept practicing on herself and a few family members and close friends. She had to use the book while reading. Then in 1983, she went to a reader and was fascinated by her interpretations of the cards. They were different from all the meanings she had seen in all other books. She attended the teacher’s exclusive, invitation-only class and learned HER way! After many years, she decided to gather and organize the lessons from that class. The result is this little book that is power packed with fluff, minimal illustrations, and no long-winded explanations. It's a unique blend of esoteric Tarot meanings combined with astrology and numerology. She included a few astrology "lessons" in the event you aren't familiar with the zodiac, along with simple numerology explanations. You can use these simple meanings to learn what's going on in your own life. As Katie’s teacher used to say, the Tarot cards will always give you little just need to know how to interpret them! Just remember that when you lay out the cards, they will tell you what you need to know and not necessarily what you want to know. You can analyze your life and the lives of others. It might give you and others the hope and guidance everyone so desperately needs Since the first edition, Katie has added material to this book, including symbols and colors in the Tarot and five sample layouts with interpretations. She initially wanted to keep the book basic rather than complicated. However, she realized there were some readers who wanted to become more immersed in the Tarot cards, so she provided more in-depth details. Now you will find chapters on colors and symbols in Tarot cards. She doesn’t personally use them in her readings, but maybe this additional information will encourage you to enhance your knowledge of the cards. Katie also listened to the readers who were kind enough to write reviews, and it seemed as though some were disappointed because there were no "examples" of layouts in the book. So, she took pictures of five layouts and explained them the best she could. Please remember that the author is not a professional photographer, so they might look amateurish. That's because they are! Now…if you are confused, frustrated and/or fed up with other Tarot card books that have long explanations and meanings and then reversed meanings as you are attempting to learn how to read Tarot cards, scroll up and click on the "buy" button and be inspired. Please remember to let her know what you think of the book with your welcomed review. Katie

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The Law of Karma: What is the Law of Cause and Effect and How Does It Work
The Law of Karma: What is the Law of Cause and Effect and How Does It Work
The theme of reincarnation, the result of several controversies associated with the meaning of life, has its origin in different religious perspectives. And interestingly, many of these perspectives differ in historical and interpretative terms. Although the current Christianity, for example, defends, as a whole, the lack of reincarnation in an earthly plan, accepts the idea in terms of reincarnation in another astral plane, called paradise. After all, whatever the accepted perspective, none really denies reincarnation, but only transforms the way it is interpreted. To understand what it really means we have to observe the association of the purpose of life with the meaning of reincarnating. The process of reincarnation, even in subjects like heaven or hell, comprises an evolutionary process, the result of which is a compound of good or bad behaviors during a lifetime. But both the ancient Egyptian religion as Tibetan Buddhism in its initial state, defended the same position. In all cases, the deceased was judged by his deeds in life. The problem in the interpretation of this vision includes mainly the tendency to observe as being related to the fault. What, on the other hand, conditions us to analyze the perspective of responsibility for the act in a critical attitude and judgmental. Can we see something more than this, something more interesting and rewarding? If we look at life as a whole, we have no doubt that the answer is yes. A lifetime, from birth, was made up of thousands of decisions and every decision produced an effect, good or bad. And the external analysis of the conditions affecting the decisions is what allows us to consider the level of our consciousness, as well as the next steps of its evolution. Such analysis shall allow rethinking the variables that affect our behavior and learn from these. In fact, it wouldn’t be fair to think of it otherwise, and prevent the continuous learning. For doing so, would lead us to consider that mercy is not possible in one lifetime, which is not true. Even though we may not be conscientious of it, there is always a way to reshape existence and begin to live better, based on our past mistakes and by which we obtain consciousness. This kind of attitude is essential to realize that we own responsibility for our entire existence, as well as events, expected and unexpected, taking place throughout it, and that are deeply associated with our attitudes and choices.

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How to Be a Great Lover: Girlfriend-to-Girlfriend Totally Explicit Techniques That Will Blow His Mind
How to Be a Great Lover: Girlfriend-to-Girlfriend Totally Explicit Techniques That Will Blow His Mind
One of America's most popular sexperts offers a fun, refreshingly modern, totally explicit guide to mastering a man's body.No matter what age we are or how much experience we have, we all want to be great lovers. Most of the sex guides for women, however, have been prudish, esoteric, or incomplete. The ultimate sexual instruction book for women, How to Be a Great Lover gives you the down and dirty details that you really want to know on exactly what men like and why, and shares the proven erotic techniques that make for incredible sex you'll both enjoy.  Acclaimed sex expert Lou Paget draws on the real-life experience of the hundreds of men and women who have attended her workshops and presents their secrets and tricks in an elegant, no-nonsense style. Lou has found that in the bedroom (or closet, or kitchen), knowledge equals confidence, and confidence will make you feel empowered, heighten the intimacy of your relationship, and enable you and your partner to enjoy yourselves in a variety of intense, new ways. Whether you are starting a new relationship, have run out of creative ideas, or want to light his fire all over again, How to Be a Great Lover has enough spicy tips and surprises to excite both of you and leave him begging for more. From kissing techniques, ways to create the right atmosphere, and a lesson on safe sex--including the "Italian Method" of putting a condom on a man with your mouth--to twenty different manual techniques and the secrets of great oral sex,  Lou covers all the basics and more.  She offers innovative positions for intercourse, tantalizing moves you can do with a pearl necklace, and a beginner's guide to anal stimulation, as well as a catalogue of sex toys and how to use them.  With more than ninety step-by-step illustrations that will show you how to drive him wild, How to Be a Great Lover provides proven, sure-fire techniques that will make you a master of the bedroom.

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Youth Ministry in the Black Church: Centered in Hope
Youth Ministry in the Black Church: Centered in Hope
Youth Ministry in the Black Church: Centered in Hope is the bridge between youth leaders’ desire for holistic and relevant ministry and the hope-centered leadership necessary to make it happen. Wimberly, Barnes and Johnson recognize the challenges of youth ministry and offer effective strategies in three key areas:•Ministry leadership•Ministry programs•Congregational supportUsing Scripture, case illustrations, anecdotes, best practices, and reflection points, this resource is practical and beneficial for leaders, pastors and parents. Youth Ministry in the Black Church: Centered in Hope is sure to renew the vision and promise of youth ministry in churches.

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How Mindfulness Works
How Mindfulness Works
How Mindfulness Works> is part of the Parallax Press Moments series of short ebooks. A stand alone chapter from Solid Ground: Buddhist Wisdom for Difficult Times.

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Orgasmic Birth: Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying, and Pleasurable Birth Experience
Orgasmic Birth: Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying, and Pleasurable Birth Experience
Based on the hit documentary that inspired a vibrant online community, this innovative approach to birthing shows women how to maximize childbirth's emotional and physical rewardsWith more than 4 million babies born in the United States each year, too many women experience birth as nothing more than a routine or painful event. In her much-praised film Orgasmic Birth, acclaimed filmmaker Debra Pascali-Bonaro showed that in fact childbirth is a natural process to be enjoyed and cherished. Now she joins forces with renowned author and activist Elizabeth Davis to offer an enlightening program to help women attain the most empowering and satisfying birth experience possible. While an orgasmic birth can, for some, induce feelings of intense, ecstatic pleasure, it is ultimately about taking control of one's own body and making the most informed decisions to have a safe, memorable, and joyful birth day.Whether women choose to give birth at home, in a hospital, or in a birthing center, Orgasmic Birth provides all the necessary tools and guidance to design the birth plan that's best for them. Featuring inspiring stories from mothers and their partners and filled with practical advice and solutions, this one-of-a-kind resource is the next frontier of natural, intimate childbirth.

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La fuerza del karma/ How Karma Works (Guias De Sabiduria Oriental/ Guides of Eastern Wisdom) (Spanish Edition)
La fuerza del karma/ How Karma Works (Guias De Sabiduria Oriental/ Guides of Eastern Wisdom) (Spanish Edition)
Este libro ofrece al lector los principios fundamentales que subyacen en las enseñanzas del Buda, y que están interrelacionados: las cuatro nobles verdades, los doce eslabones de la cadena de la producción condicionada y las dos verdades relacionadas con la realidad relativa y la absoluta. Sólo mediante la correcta aplicaci

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