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How To Tie A Tie Simple
How to Tie a Knot; Simple Instruction for Knot Tying
How to Tie a Knot; Simple Instruction for Knot Tying
This great book has 11 chapters with over 110 illustrations on the basics of how to tie a knot.If you want to learn the slip knot, the bowline, a noose knot, a monkey fist, or just a basic hitch; this is the book for you!Different strands of rope are printed in different colors so they are easier to follow along with.98 pages covering subjects such as:The Construction of Ropes   Common Whipping Knots, etc., formed by a Single Rope's-end  Overhand Knot   Figure of 8      Simple Clinch  Running or Inside Clinch   Outside Clinch  Buntline Hitch   Bowline    Running Bowline   Half Hitch   Round Turn and Two Half Hitches  Clove Hitch     Rolling Hitch   Timber Hitch   Fisherman's Bend   Topsail Halliard Bend   Stun ‘sail Bend   Blackwall Hitch  Midshipman's Hitch  Double Blackwall Hitch  Knots, etc., made on the Bight of a Rope  A Bowline on the Bight   Marlinespike Hitch  Sheepshank   Catspaw Knots, Bends, etc., for Uniting Ropes  Reef Knot  Common or Sheet Bend  Single Carrick Bend    Double Carrick Bend   Diamond Knot Knots formed on Ropes by their own Strands  Wall Knot    Double Wall Knot   Crown Knot   Manrope Knot  Stopper Knot  Single Matthew Walker   Double Matthew Walker  Another form of Diamond Knot (Single)   Double Diamond Knot    Shroud Knot    Spritsail Sheet Knot  Splices  Eye Splice  Short Splice  Cut Splice   Long Splice  Grommet   Wire Splicing  Eye Splice  Long Splice  Purchases  Single Whip   Double Whip  Runner   Gun Tackle   Handy Billy or Jigger  Watch or Luff Tackle  Double Luff    Three-fold Purchase   Four-fold Purchase   Single Spanish Burton   Double Spanish Burton (two forms)  Spanish Windlass Miscellaneous Odds and Ends  Palm and Needle Whipping   West Country Whipping   American Whipping   To Point a Rope End  Turk's Head    Mousing a Hook  Securing Lead Line to Lead   Fitting a Flag   Cringles  Lengthening the Rope of a Sail  Jury Knot   Sling for a Barrel  Chain Knot  Double Chain   Twist or Plain Knot  Wire Rope Splicing, etc  Directions for Splicing   Splicing Thimbles

Wrapagami: The Art of Fabric Gift Wraps
Wrapagami: The Art of Fabric Gift Wraps
Discover how to use a simple square of fabric to beautifully wrap gifts of any shape or size―with Wrapagami. In this gorgeously photographed book, award-winning designer Jennifer Playford, inspired by the traditional Japanese fabric wraps known as furoshiki, shows exactly how to use fabric to create modern, eco-friendly (they're reusable) gift wraps. It's so easy―all you need is a square piece of fabric― and with a few simple twists and ties, you can creatively wrap a wide variety of shapes from simple rectangles (such as books) to more challenging shapes (bottles) to things you might previously have thought un-wrappable (melons). Clear written instructions, easy-to-follow diagrams, and beautiful photos of the finished wraps make it easy to wrap expertly the first time. Jennifer shows the basic techniques for every shape, and presents twenty-five stunning wraps, complete with decorative embellishments for every occasion, from weddings to birthdays. Also included are innovative ideas galore for using wrapagami every day (carry your lunch, and then use the wrap as a picnic blanket) and reusing the wraps (to wrap again, or repurpose in a multitude of ways). Let Wrapagami inspire you to start a new tradition!


Quilt Love: Simple Quilts to Stitch and Treasure
Quilt Love: Simple Quilts to Stitch and Treasure
Every quilt tells a story. But when scraps from personal items are incorporated--a baby blanket, a vintage T-shirt, Dad's favorite tie--that quilt becomes a cherished keepsake. "Quilt Love "offers today's quilters a modern twist on free-form, scrap, and patchwork quilting by combining a welcome blend of quilting technique and pattern ideas for incorporating fabric mementos into quilts large and small. And with inexpensive stash quilting gaining popularity, this contemporary resource is sure to please. Quilt designer extraordinaire Cassandra Ellis guides both novice and savvy quilters through an array of exciting projects that are perfect for celebrating friendships, weddings, births, and for commemorating people and important events. Packed with 200 detailed photographs, "Quilt Love "shows quilters how to easily create modern heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation.


BOYS & TIES : How To Do It In Five Steps
BOYS & TIES : How To Do It In Five Steps
Learning how to tie a tie is essential to any little boys life. In this book you can teach your love ones how to tie a tie fast, easy, and simple. Only 5 easy steps makes the perfect gift that will be of value for the rest of their lives.

Ben 10 Alien Force: How to Draw
Ben 10 Alien Force: How to Draw
Invading books everywhere . . .When his grandpa Max goes missing, fifteen -year old Ben Tennyson finds himself back in the hero business. Strapping on his Omnitrix, which allows him to change into different aliens, Ben teams up with his friends Gwen and Kevin, and together, the three of them set out to locate Max. Along the way, they find new half-alien allies and a new foe: the Highbreed and their DNAlien servants, who are joined by the alien arms dealers known as the Forever Knights.