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How To Tie A Tie For Dummies
Golf for Dummies
Golf for Dummies
In Golf For Dummies, author Gary McCord, colorful CBS golf commentator, along with John Huggan, former senior writer of Golf Digest, share their expertise on technique, courses, rules, etiquette and equipment. Whether you're new to the game or an avid player, you'll enjoy hearing about the history and personalities of this beloved sport.


The Great Courses: Biology and Human Behavior: The Neurological Origins of Individuality, 2nd Edition
The Great Courses: Biology and Human Behavior: The Neurological Origins of Individuality, 2nd Edition
When are we responsible for our own actions, and when are we in the grip of biological forces beyond our control? What determines who we fall in love with? The intensity of our spiritual lives? The degree of our aggressive impulses? These questions fall into the scientific province of behavioral biology, the field that explores interactions between the brain, mind, body, and environment that have a surprising influence on how we behave. In short, how our brains make us the individuals we are. In this series of 24 fascinating lectures by a prominent neurobiologist, zoologist, and MacArthur Foundation "genius" grant recipient, you'll investigate how the human brain is sculpted by evolution, constrained or freed by genes, shaped by early experience, modulated by hormones, and otherwise influenced to produce a wide range of behaviors, some of them abnormal. And you'll learn how little can be explained by thinking about any of these factors alone, because some combination of influences is almost always at work. Professor Sapolsky includes a provocative exploration of the implications of our emerging understanding of the origins of individual differences, considering such questions as: How much do these insights threaten our own sense of self and individuality? Where do we draw the line between the essence of the person and the biological abnormalities? What counts as being ill? Who is biologically impaired, and who is just different? As more and more subtle abnormalities of neurobiology are understood, how much should we worry about the temptation to label people as "abnormal"? And what happens when we each have a few of these labels?


Dogs for Dummies
Dogs for Dummies
From the creators of the best sellingFor Dummies brand comes the first branded DVD of how to select, train,and care for your dog! Dogs For Dummies is a global backlist bestseller for the Dummies brand and is finally available as a home vidoe release.Hosted by Jenny Taylor,DVM,one of the Bay Area's leading vets.With this program, you will not only find out how to select and care for a new pet, but you also discover how to solve common canine behavioral problems,and more.


Wedding Planning for Dummies
Wedding Planning for Dummies
Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. "Wedding Planning For Dummies" takes the guesswork out of preparing for this important event, with step-by-step instructions for making anyone's wedding and reception successful and memorable. Host Brenda Bennett guides viewers in a fun, entertaining, and accessible manner through all of the critical components of a well planned wedding, including budgeting, securing a location, planning a menu, choosing a supporting cast, and more. From ceremony to reception, this program covers it all!


Windows Vista for Dummies
Windows Vista for Dummies
This is your indispensable guide to Windows Vista! Get all the tips and tricks of Vista with this Windows Vista for Dummies DVD. This easy to follow program gives you step by step instructions and visual demonstrations to quickly grasp the everyday tasks all Vista users need to know. Based on the bestselling Windows Vista For Dummies book, this DVD demonstrates how to navigate and organize your files; block Internet viruses and hackers; create music, photo, and movie CDs and DVDs; back up your files; and more! Join technology correspondent Omar Wasow as he guides you through getting the most out of Vista.


Wine for Dummies
Wine for Dummies
Wine For Dummies, the visual companion to the acclaimed book with more the 500,000 copies in print, is an accessible, unpretentious "wine lover’s bible" that opens up the world of wine to anyone. Like the best selling book, the DVD version of Wine For Dummies is an entertaining and informative look at the increasingly popular world of wine. Having an interest in wine is only the first step; Wine For Dummies gives consumers all knowledge and confidence they need to enjoy a wine experience in any setting. Finally wine enthusiasts of all backgrounds, experiences and budgets can branch out and experiment with all sorts of varietals. Wine For Dummies takes you on a tour through the wonderful world of wine with a delightful and easy to follow program hosted by NYC sommelier Sterling Roig. Shot in the Napa Valley, Wine For Dummies covers all aspects of wine appreciation. Test your palette and find out about the creation of wine, how to shop for it, store it, and pair it with food. Enjoying wine is more than just picking the right bottle at a restaurant or navigating your way through a wine shop – learning about wine is fun!


Reining II: Advanced Techniques with Al Dunning
Reining II: Advanced Techniques with Al Dunning
Al Dunning is a world-renowned trainer of horses in all divisions of competition, but is primarily known for his success in cutting and reining. For over ten years, his horses dominated reining events in the western United States. Particularly spectacular was the career of "Expensive Hobby" who won over one hundred reining championships in his nine year career! Champion reining horses aren't trained overnight; Al knows the value of slow, methodical training - an investment that always pays off! Reining II will show you the advanced techniques that Al uses to progress to the hackamore and bridle. This production completely details the proper way to tie a hackamore, the selection of bits, riding in the hackamore, the transition to riding with one hand, and how to perfect your horse's turnarounds, circles, lead changes, rundowns, and stops. Reining maneuvers are critiqued and the psychology of showing is thoroughly discussed along with a chapter on fence work (for those who would like to show in stock horse classes as well). Learn how to get the best performance out of your horse, and keep his attitude toward training fresh and alert!

Bluegrass Charm Silvery Leaf Pendant Multistrand Leather Blue Braided Rope Handmade Adjustable Bracelet
Bluegrass Charm Silvery Leaf Pendant Multistrand Leather Blue Braided Rope Handmade Adjustable Bracelet
Jewelry can make you more attractive, and it is indispensable to match clothing accessories.Our Bluegrass has been focused on the rich individual character design, fashion jewelry.We strive to provide a better service.