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How Planes Fly
How Do Planes Fly? How Airplanes Work - Children's Aviation Books
How Do Planes Fly? How Airplanes Work - Children's Aviation Books
Do you know how planes work? The purpose of this educational resource is to teach your child how planes work in an effort to calm him/her down whenever he/she rides in one. What makes this book truly engaging is that is includes important pieces of information that have been rewritten in a way that’s easy for kids to understand. Grab a copy today!


Flight School: How to Fly a Plane--Step by Step
Flight School: How to Fly a Plane--Step by Step
An interactive introduction to aviation that encourages children to imagine themselves in the air, flying a plane.Here is a flying class for children who relish the details of dials, widgets, and flight panels. Filled with facts and statistics, it covers flying hardware, gadgets, and pilot know-how, and will delight all turbo-charged girls and boys who want to learn how aviation works.An introductory “Ground School” section looks at the science and technology of planes and what keeps them up in the air. “Airborne” takes to the sky with the child sitting in the pilot’s seat, learning how to take off, land, dive, and zoom. The concluding section identifies various types of planes, including historical models. 100+ illustrations


How to Build a Plane: A soaring adventure of mechanics, teamwork, and friendship (Technical Tales)
How to Build a Plane: A soaring adventure of mechanics, teamwork, and friendship (Technical Tales)
Learn about flying and teamwork as three unlikely friends work to build a miniature airplane. In How to Build a Plane, three unlikely friends--Eli, a mouse; Phoebe, a sparrow; and Hank, a frog--decide to build a small plane together. The story follows the friendly trio as they learn all about how a plane flies and how it is constructed. Detailed illustrations show the inner workings of a plane, teaching children the basics of how each part works together to get the plane flying. Through hard work and perseverance, Eli, Phoebe, and Hank learn about both planes and teamwork. With the help of this sweet story, children will learn how airplanes stay up in the air, how a pilot controls the plane, what an aircraft engine looks like, and much more.


Daddy How Do Planes Fly?
Daddy How Do Planes Fly?
"Daddy, How Do Planes Fly?" is a dynamic introduction into the fantasy of flight. This brightly illustrated story shows children the primary principles of flight: roll, pitch, yaw, and thrust. Children, as well as parents, will be able to visualize and understand how airplanes travel through the air. What better way to introduce a strong vocabulary and airplane feature recognition to young readers as they take their first steps on the road to independent reading. "Daddy, How Do Planes Fly?" is a compelling story that just may have you wondering if you have the next Neil Armstrong or Amelia Earhart on your hands!


Men's How Planes Fly - Aerospace Engineer T-Shirt XL Slate
Men's How Planes Fly - Aerospace Engineer T-Shirt XL Slate
Aerospace Engineers this is just for you. If you love engineering then show the world with this great t-shirt.


How To Fly A Plane
How To Fly A Plane
How to Fly a Plane is the most complete guide to flying a plane available. It’s perfect for the novice pilot or curious adventurer, and a great gift for the aviation obsessed. Nick Barnard has created the ultimate companion for armchair flyers and focused students alike. Beautifully designed with more than 200 color photographs and illustrations, and edited with a sharp sense of how to relate the complex activity of flying in simple, easy-to-understand terms, this is the must-have book for anyone who has ever dreamed of getting airborne. Learn to operate everything from a glider to an Airbus super-jumbo jet. Barnard covers the basics of aerodynamics from the sensation you’ll experience in the air and a step-by-step training flight to contact information for training schools and specifics regarding different types of aircraft. There are tips for your first flight and advice regarding the best plane for your needs. Divided into three sections, Nick Barnard covers basics and puts you in the cockpit so you can feel what it’s like to get up in the air for the very first time. How to Fly a Plane is an excellent resource for all would-be and novice pilots, aircraft enthusiasts, travelers, and fact-fanciers of every stamp.


The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book: Featuring the World Record-Breaking Design, with Tear-Out Planes to Fold and Fly
The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book: Featuring the World Record-Breaking Design, with Tear-Out Planes to Fold and Fly
Featuring the coolest looking paper airplane from the movie, "Paper Planes".  The Star Fighter, in the lower right corner of the cover, plays a starring role in the movie.  It's the wind tunnel tested, super plane that wins contest after contest for the villain.  It's easily the most dangerous looking plane in the movie.  A collection of easy-to-fold paper airplane designs and innovative theories of flight, including the author's Guinness World Record-breaking airplane. Features 16 tear-out model planes.This is the book you saw on Conan.  Will YOU be the next to break the WORLD RECORD?  The first person to officially break the world record with John's plane will get $1,000.  Anything is possible with The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book, the newest collection of designs and theories of flight from John M. Collins, the man behind the Guinness World Record-breaking distance plane. Featuring twenty-two unique airplane designs with step-by-step instructional photos, plus tear-out models printed on regulation-weight paper stock, this entertaining and informative guide promises hours of flying fun. Take your paper airplane-making to the next level with features such as: · Instructions for folding "Suzanne," the plane that shattered the previous world record by flying an unprecedented 226 feet, 10 inches, and garnered more than three million views on YouTube· Four "Follow Foil" aircraft that can stay aloft for minutes at a time · A pioneering cambered-wing plane· A primer on flight theory, and how it applies to paper airplanes· Tips for improving the accuracy and distance of your throws· The adjusting technique that helped break the record· And more!


First Flight: A Beginner's Guide to RC Airplanes: How to Buy the Right Plane and Teach Yourself to Fly!
First Flight: A Beginner's Guide to RC Airplanes: How to Buy the Right Plane and Teach Yourself to Fly!
It’s a lot easier to fly RC planes now than it used to be. There’s been a revolution, thanks to the miniaturization and lower cost of tiny electronics and rechargeable batteries. These days you can buy a ready-to-fly plane, charge the battery, and be in the air within an hour. And that’s part of the problem. Now it’s so easy to get into the air, you can get there long before you’re ready. No matter how smart they are, thousands of people every year jump into the RC plane hobby, and many repeat the same mistakes. The most common mistakes are: Buying the wrong plane. Lots of folks get into the RC plane hobby by buying a Porsche when they should have bought a Chevy. You’ve got to buy a plane that matches your skill level – one that can fly slowly until you’ve learned to control the plane. You need a durable plane that can withstand several hard landings without cracking into pieces. Luckily, many of the inexpensive planes I’ll recommend in this book are also the most durable. Wasting money on the wrong accessories, and not getting the right accessories. New hobbyists face a bewildering array of parts and accessories. For example, do you need extra batteries? What kind of batteries? Do you need a battery charger? Which one? What kind of transmitter do you need? Can you use your existing transmitter with your future planes? Being impatient. In my first three months in the RC plane hobby, I lost and crashed more than a dozen planes, simply because I wasn’t properly prepared and didn’t exercise patience—like trying to fly during bad weather. I will show you how to prepare yourself for the best chance at success. Having no plan for takeoffs, flying, and landing before you leave home. We’ll go over the basics of piloting a model plane, and how to do it safely while having fun. Don’t wait until you have a plane in the air before you start learning. Start now. I’ll give simple instructions on how to take off, fly and land while keeping your risks of accident and injury as low as possible. Through trial and error, I’ve discovered which planes are the best for novice RC pilots. There are dozens of choices, but relatively few have earned a place in this book. I’ve purchased and flown all of the planes mentioned here (along with other planes that didn’t make it into this book). My recommendations are based solely on how the planes perform, the quality of the materials, and the manufacturer’s customer support.


Klutz The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes Craft Kit
Klutz The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes Craft Kit
Making paper airplanes doesn't feel like science. And it's not quite art. Near as we can figure, launching a regular old piece of paper into the sky so that it soars is pure magic. We present step-by-step instructions for folding aerobatic amazement's. The ten airplanes in this book are the best we've ever seen. This big (10" x 12") book comes complete with 40 sheets of flight-tested, ready-to-fold paper, printed on both sides in a variety of 20 colorful patterns, including leopard print, wood grain, hot rod flames and lose-it-on-the-lawn grass. It's everything you need to rule the skies.If you already have The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes, try to beat our time and distance records and join the Klutz Captain's Club!Comes With: 40 sheets of custom-designed paper Have fun


How to Make Paper Planes and Other Flying Objects: 35 step-by-step objects to fly in an instant
How to Make Paper Planes and Other Flying Objects: 35 step-by-step objects to fly in an instant
Swoop, dive, glide, float, and hover with these 35 brilliant flying objects and animals that can be made in minutes. Mari and Roshin Ono bring you How to Make Paper Planes and Other Flying Objects, which comes with all the paper you will need to make the projects—so grab a piece and prepare for take off! With four great chapters looking at different types of flying object, you will find a whole host of new ways to make your paper fly. The first chapter looks at the classic aeroplane design that we all know and love, and then develops it to produce more exciting planes that are sure to win any flying contest, going longer and faster than you have ever seen before. If kites are your thing, then the projects based on traditional Japanese designs will no doubt appeal. Next up, you’ll find flying animals and great ideas for insect lovers, so you’ll soon catch the origami bug and want to make the dragonfly or crane. Lastly, budding pilots will love the rockets, space shuttles, and other flying objects.