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¡ Cómo el Grinch robó la Navidad ! (Spanish Edition)
¡ Cómo el Grinch robó la Navidad ! (Spanish Edition)
The classic Seuss tale about the Grinch who tries to keep Christmas from coming is available in an excellent Spanish translation. Since its publication in 1957, this extraordinary Christmas story has been touching readers with its message of love and the true meaning of Christmas. En este relato clásico del Dr. Seuss, disponible en español en una magnífica traducción en rima, el Grinch trata de prohibir la Navidad. Desde su publicación original en 1957, esta historia ha conmovido a sus lectores con su mensaje de amor y del significado verdadero de la Navidad.


Timeless Ten: How To Reset Your Moral Compass
Timeless Ten: How To Reset Your Moral Compass
Timeless Ten is a little book about faith, love and hope. If you find that your life is no longer working for you, it may be time to reset your moral compass and reconnect. I hope you will find the tools to reconnect with the Divine Source, yourself, family and loved ones in this book. Now more than ever, it is time to be the change. By focusing on the present and the good, together we can change the world. Anne Frank wrote "You can always give something, even if it is only kindness".In today's society, it seems that the Ten Commandments no longer apply to our current lifestyle, or do they? I found they are timeless.

Code For Cash: The new book about "How to get your start as a freelance software developer". Encompasses finding clients, risks, pitfalls and challenges, and everything else.
Code For Cash: The new book about "How to get your start as a freelance software developer". Encompasses finding clients, risks, pitfalls and challenges, and everything else.
Become a freelance software consultant: transition from salaried dev to independent Working as a freelance software consultant is a lifestyle that can be a path to more freedom, a feeling of control in one's life, and a more effective hourly rate for your time. This has enabled me to start new businesses, dedicate time to my hobbies, travel, and stay out (or up) late at night if I feel like it. If you learn the "skill tree", your path toward this lifestyle will be straightforward. Get the book and benefit from: Skills You Can Use I literally map out the skills that are most important for you to develop to thrive in the business of software consulting. I give you the step-by-step concrete paths to achieving competence, but I also explain some of the abstract theory. For example, not only will you be able to copy my craigslist ad that I've used to find lucrative clients, but you will understand why it worked and how to write your own variation. Step By Step How To Find Clients For most people, getting started can be as simple as finding your first client, coming to terms on an agreement, getting to work, and getting paid (sometimes in advance– using a retainer, strategy described in the book)! In the book, I discuss over a dozen channels that have been effective for me to find new clients; they generated results, meaning cash in my pocket. Table of Contents Acknowledgements Finding Clients – over 15 channels explained in-depth Politeness Educate Yourself Productivity Some Benefits of Consulting Choosing a Rate Relationship Building Legal Ideas Meetings Closing Deals Dress For Business Dealing with clients that want to convert you into FTE How to go back to a regular software job Invoicing Dealing With Clients Who Don’t Pay Must-know Tax Tips Communicating Effectively End Note Most importantly, I share how to deliver value to clients. You will charge more and make clients happier! Everyone who purchases the book receives an invitation to our Slack community.